My stress was very low today.

My dad could of gotten on my nerves but I was able to immediately block him. Tonight I was having a normal conversation with my mom and then she got defensive and angry at something I said and she immediately followed this by a sentence trying to make me bad for her so I rolled my eyes and when she saw that she got up to go to bed.

When I have a not too bad day (woke up to an empty house because my parents had [well technically they did not had to they made that decision the night before] to go back to Rimouski and they came back when i was almost finished with my morning routine) I have almost no problem blocking my parents. The only problems for me today was the arthritis attack I got two nights ago (started when i was in my night beauty routine...its a new 1 for me...its where the fat of the thumb is on my left hand) is still there and I had no energy.