The washer we bought is on a recall so a piece of garbage. I had to wash all my washcloths and towels today and after about two hours of trying to do that mom blamed me so I immediately stopped her and it looked like she was calmed and she then goes a few minutes later that she would like to live with people who know how to talk, dad was in his television chair so I asked are you talking about me and she said yes so I exploded and while at it I told them off about their insane decision of buying a house before knowing they would be paid by the insurance. She was going on about me leaving and I shut her up. Dad stayed silent and mom is not furious but I had the last word.

This again come from dad surprisingly seeing the light without making up any drama so he had to make some! First attacking me while defending her master and now blaming me for the garbage washer that dad picked up in the store eventhough he has never washed anything in his life!

If something else happens in the next days I am out right away and I will tell them in their faces that they will never see me again and if they find me I will get a lawyer and call the cops.