Nancy -

We still have two weeks left of summer so let's find a way to at least gentle the hate level smile. Maybe you can look at this as your "inside time" which gives you time to learn about things! Then you can put those new skills and knowledge into practice in the other seasons. So yes summer can be hot - but that's OK because it means you're inside learning things. Find a way to come to peace with summer smile.

It's fine to meditate when your parents are in bed! That sounds like the perfect time. We all have different schedules, and we work around the people in our lives. I love meditating in the evening.

Hurdles are a natural part of life. The Harry Potter author was rejected I think 25 times. Can you imagine getting a rejection letter, then another, then another, and to keep writing fresh letters to new publishers? It can definitely wear you down - but when you keep at it, you eventually get there.

Thomas Edison if light-bulb fame failed *all* the time. He had failure after failure after failure. Each failure taught him something, and then he'd try again in a slightly different way. Eventually he got there!

So yes, you've had rejections and stuck plans. That's OK. That is what life tends to do to us. See what you can learn from those, and then map out a fresh path. The fresh path will be even better, because you now have that experience behind you. Then think about just one tiny step you can make toward that new path.

I had my heart set on having my books published with Harlequin. I tried and tried and tried. I wrote book after book. And they kept rejecting me. Finally I looked at all those failures, looked at my options, and I self published instead. I'm very happy I did! So I found a path that worked, and those rejections helped me choose that path.

Lisa Shea, Low Carb and Video Games Editor
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