Thanks to my parents I am shaking! Something was telling me to check the satellite bill (today is the last day to pay it) and it was not paid! My dad just came home from I don't know where so only my mom was there when I found that out and when I told her that this bill is in my name she told me like it was normal that they almost always paid it late! I take the blame for again being stupid in trusting them but now 0% trust is left with these two people! My mom is angry right now and acting like a baby, the last time she did this for almost a week, acting like I was not even alive and like I never was born and I don't care right now! When I get out they won't get my phone number and address, if they act like mature people for a change from when I will tell them about my moving until I get out they maybe will get a way to reach me by internet, that's it (i would be in peace since my dad dont want anything to do with computers and my mom only does some when im there behind her).

If it would not be that I go get my glasses tomorrow I would take an ativan before going to bed tonight, I am still shaking!