They do that on purpose to drive me insane so why would I be glad to hear these noises? Should I also be glad when they insult me? Should I be glad of the one time he beat me? Should I be glad of the time he was so disgusting to me at school which made one of my bullies who was there feel bad for me? Should I be glad of all the times my mom manipulated me? Should I be glad of all the lies? Should I be glad of when they blamed me for being stuck in this house that they cannot afford and sell? Should I be glad of all the humiliations in front of strangers and people I knew? Should I be glad when they stole my savings from me? Should I be glad when mom compared me to someone she hates? Should I be glad every time they gave me the silent treatment (that along with all the other abuse started when we were young and was done to both of us)? Should I be glad of when mom called me (started with the f word that is censored here) crazy because I did not put my left shoe on to go to a clinic because that little toe was dislocated then when I was back home she was angry at me and ignored me and dad who was back from work found all of that hilarious? Should I revisit every single moments of abuse from both and enjoy it all?

Should my brother be glad of his abuse from both of them if he still was alive?

I do not care for them since they do not care about me. Up until they decided to become full time monsters (they did not have much positives but they decided to get rid of all of these positive things inside them) I wanted to get away from them but I may of still kept them in my life or at the least still cared a little but the way they have tried to kill me with all this new abuse since late 2009 that is non-stop all the little love I had for them is all gone.

That saying of blood is thicker than water is stupid and the idiot who came up with it certainly was not born in a family of monsters!

And why am I the one who has to do anything to get our relationships better? I am their child! Who cares what age I am! They are the parents! None of them has ever apologised or did anything else to try to change our relationships! None of them have shown any remorse for anything! Not even the death of my brother changed any of that! Not even when we are on the date he died, they do not even let up on the abuse on that day! They are the ones who made me and my brother and they hated us probably even before our births!

I and my brother have done nothing to them and we have done nothing to deserve being born from two monsters and it is not up to me to do anything about our family and it also would not of been up to my brother if he was still here!

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