It is done!

Last night I decided to approach it as a gift instead of an ultimatum then if they were to freak out or complain it would become an ultimatum.

I started by telling them how we are all going crazy in different ways and that a vacation for all of us would be the best. I mentioned that I can take mine here because I am not part of any drama outside this house but they are so relaxing here is impossible for them. Then I said that for me going on vacation it would cost much more than them because them they go visit a friend by car so it cost way less than paying for transportation, a place to stay, food and everything else. I offered 100$ for the days they will leave and come back and 100$ for every day extra. They were angry but they showed it by silence, my dad looked away and my mom looked straight then to my dad then straight again. I finished by saying that the offer was there and my mom said okay. I came here and soon after my mom asked my dad if he wanted to eat and he said later then went upstairs, my mom soon after went upstairs and told my dad she would take a nap in the attic and this is what she did. My mom is still there and after watching a little television he went to look out the hallway door upstairs and I think he is still there.

I was shaking like crazy (still am a little bit) but I did it!

Only people like my parents would take a paid vacation (that THEY WANT AND NEED) as an insult.

So I will wait. If in one year I go to bed and they have not accepted or refused I am starting the steps to move out, this did not turned into an ultimatum so they do not know this part.

Whether they accept or not I will move but like I said if I get a vacation I will be able to reload my mind which would be nice and much better before making life changes. Finding a place I can afford will be hard and it will be hard until I find a job but it can be done.

Now I have to wait and see where this will lead me.