Dubbed movies are torture for me (it was even when i was a separatist) and my parents of course know that. I do not blame my dad for choosing to watch a dubbed movie since he only speaks French but he often watch one just to get on my nerves and that is cruel.

And since almost everything in my life is a negative how can I just focus on the positive? Positives that by the way only came because one or more person set my house on fire which right there is twisted.

I know that a lot more people have a worst life than me. My god is fighting to get back to what he used to be that is if he is not seriously brain damaged and cannot do that. And I also know that at least millions of people are suffering worst than me. It does not mean that my life does not suck and it does not make me an awful person because I focus a lot on the negatives of my life.

And if you think my negatives are tiny come here, just one hour of less in the company of my parents and I guarantee you that it will send shivers down your spine and it will take you a while to get over it; then I invite you to imagine having them as parents then live with them every day for more than thirty-eight years!