I had a panic attack last night, I stupidly made a search about eye flashes (started getting them about a year or so ago - been having floaters for many years) and of course with my eye psychosis combined with whatever (i think its a string from my washcloths) is in the eyes (i think in the left its gone - in the right its in the corner near the exit) I thought I was having a cornea issue then with that search I thought it was detaching. I know deep down this is not what is happening but it's a phobia I have no I cannot control my brain for that. I was still freaking out over it (still am by the way) so I called Iris for an eye examination and the secretary was so sweet with me and she calmed me down. She says cornea issues always come with pain and blurred vision so this is not happening to me thankfully, after I am told everything is fine by the doctor I will be totally calmed down.