When I came back from the town's bank (less than 10 minutes walk) my dad was sittiing on the front porch's chair, noone showed up so he is okay. When I entered the home my mom was sitting in the kitchen's rocking chair so I asked if she was going to give the silent treatment and she said no I'm just reading and I said well afterall that's what you do everytime I dare express myself and she then said one of the despicable things ever which is that I do not express myself I put her down. That coming from someone who has done this to me in several ways from my birth; from sighing or rolling her eyes or getting angry everytime I would talk about a dream or hope to giving me the silent treatment when she was angry to the manipulations to the lies to the humiliations to telling me to shut up the rare times I had the strenght to talk about something important to sending me to a psychiatrist when I had the courage to admit I was bullied to now which is to drive me crazy after stealing my life's savings!

I said nothing because I want to be 100% ready to move away when I will say to both of them what I want.

I now have 5000$ aside, it's not much but it is better than 0$. For the remaining time I will stay here every cents possible will be set aside.

Before she went away hidding in another house when she was angry at me she also started saying that I just had to move away, she stopped before finishing her sentence, they both know that if I go they will lose their punching bags.

Oh and after I came back I also thanked her for telling me earlier that I was just like Luc and she said well you are. She then says that it is correct because when they drive me crazy by pushing my buttons I sigh and do other things like make noise with my fingers by banging them on something so that is me trying to control their lives! Again it was hard to shut up but I will not give them the satisfaction of not being 100% ready to comfront them before leaving.