Thankfully my mom did not tell my nice neigbor that I would too go help this morning (my dad and an uncle cut a tree of mom helped her with a rose bush..i would of walked with Toby [the Golden Retriever] since hes afraid of big noises...turns out he did not mind this morning) because I went to bed after midnight and got up about twelve hours later! I was in bed for a little more than seven hours the night before and slept for less than one hour so I was tired.

My stress today is less severe. My energy is even up a little. My luck has not turned though (its been that way since moving here november 9 of 2009), I sincerely and without lying can say that I have had no normal day since being in that house. I was always sad and lonely but at least I had normal days! From the little things to the big things and everything in between nothing works. I'm lucky that Michael Schumacher came back for three years because without him driving in Formula One I would be way worst than I am now.