It sure does, lol smile

And, you made me smile! I love that no matter where we are we can converse, meet-up and just get to where we need to be.

You mention foot and bones, my husband just said that exact same thing earlier. I swear, more and more affirmations, just repetive phrases, they are increasing.

My memory/reading/writing is frustrating for me! But an emotional episode ooOOrrrr, a picture and and emotion, SMACK! Brings it all back.

So my head today feels like it's in the middle of an intersection and I'm the "Bobbie" is that a term somewhere, where they direct traffic, lol?

The day you described, normally I have those at least 2-3 a week, good ones.

Today, it's like o.k. Elleise needs help figuring something out.

Normally I cook and it goes away. I tried that...didn't help and I'm in "The war of The Roses" type of deal cat-sitting for a friend, litterally having a pisng-contest!!!!

Grrrrr and FEWEY!!!! mad Smiling on the inside... (he-he).

Karen Elleise
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