We used to sometimes have fun. More so with mom who is more opened whether it is just about things (like history or any other subjects) or movies or music or whatever else like that but dad too sometimes. It all stopped in 2010 when it was less than one year after we had moved to Ste-Florence. Then they started stealing from me then it was trying to ruin my credit and then pushing my buttons to make me crazy.

They basically are evil and selfish. I spent about one year before I turned twenty years old in the house without going out once and all I did then was sleep, watch television and cry. None of them cared during that time. They did not even asked what was wrong.

The same when they learned I was being bullied they blamed me.

They used to have small positives and it all disappeared in 2010.

Like my dad before he used to care about what others thought of him so he never treated us badly or did any of his freak outs where people were or could hear but then about two years ago he just decided he did not care about that anymore and he started enjoying treating us like garbage even with people around.