He has always been in good shape not only physically but also mentally. Even when he came back with Mercedes he always was the one of them all with the best shape, the jokes about him being the oldest did not stopped though but he has never cared about things like that. If they would not of got rid of him and stayed with him he would of at least won a few races but they decided to stab him in the back instead. With private practices his car would of been better than what he had. He was closed to winning once in Montreal but his car broke when he was about to pass the man who was first and he ended up out of the top three. He was also wrongly punished after he got a pole position in Monaco and had to start in eleventh place.

One of my cousin went to an university in Montreal and was one of the bets in his classes, he was in architecture. He was told to learn English because that job required it but he refused and he had to come back here since he could not get a job (he spent many years without a job because he only wanted an important job...he started working last year because of 1 of his brother who got him a job who he found to be important enough for him...i unlike him would take any job...a job is a job + in his case he has 2 kids so that was not only stupid of him but also selfish). He has said many time that if he would learn another language he would just lose his identity, people here are either like him or they don't learn another language because of hatred for other cultures.