Hi all, happy new year to you! I just dropped by and see all these posts and glad we all had a place to voice our opinion. Since I created the first post, so let me just clarify something. My daughter is not hurt or being miserable at all. She is being loved by us, by grandparents and all our families since she is the first grand child. She is growing up as happy as she can. I am doing better now because I accept myself as a mom. It is still not easy, because we have so many things we want to do and raising a child is very time consuming (not for ppl who enjoy doing it). We will not go for adoption at this point, not any more. We explored that option, it doesn't work for us. We will continue to be parents, and do our best.
BUT rest assure, my daughter is safe and healthy, and happy, and she is the smartest kid in the world!