I have to agree 100%. I do believe children are a precious gift, however it is a parents job to ensure those children grow up with the life skills needed to lead their own lives, not to be your childs friend. Too many children have their every whim pandered to by parents who feel not to do so would be bad parenting. I have seen first hand these parents stressed emotionally and financially. The child did not benefit either. It is important that children know there are consequences to their actions, that they learn coping skills for lifes disappointments and that they are capable of handling it. I was often critzed by others as being too "hard" or "selfish" because I had boundaries and took time for myself. But all my kids are grown adults leading their own lives. We love each other and are there for each other but not necessarily on a daily basis. I feel no saddness if the kids dont call for months, that means their lives are full as is mine. It is a joy to see them grow and explore life.