I am frankly staggered that Jenny has said she thinks about killing herself and her child AND has done nothing to make this situation better.

Is anyone in this childs life going to do something to make it better or is she going to grow up with a Mother who is self obsessed and totally disregarding of her child, someone who is MORE concerned about how her parents see her then the well being of her child. This poor little girl has done nothing wrong yet she would be better off raised by wolves then the Mother and Father who have her.

As for suggesting that the child would be better off staying with the Mother who wants to kill her then being put up for adoption because she would have abandonment issues, thats purely crazy talk. I am adopted, yes I have felt badly about that, but that is MORE about how my adopted family dealt with the issue then anything else. AND I can tell you for sure that after getting to know my birth Mother, I would have been better off raised by wolves then by her. She had a string of worthless men, druggies, alcoholics, I can't even imagine what would have happened to me if I had remained in her care. She seems to have a special desire to be with men who drink AND are unmedicated bipolars...Her own parents were unfit from what she tells me. My life would have been hell with them.

I will NEVER understand how there can be a segment of society SO completely unprepared to have children yet they keep popping out kids like litters of puppies. Then we have the CF people who know their own mind and have no children and what do we as a society do? We treat THEM like they are the problem. More people should be encourage NOT too breed, Jenny being at the top of the list.