Hello Madness !! I have been studying your post about your reference to the possibility of your child being cursed. It is very interesting to me the fact that you pointed out the state of your familys past three generations. My ears perked up immediately. There are probably not a lot of people that will agree with what I am going to tell you but it is nevertheless true. I am a mystic as my family has been for generations and what I know is that the firstborn daughter of a first born daughter coming from back three generations is spiritually gifted just as the 3rd daughter of a third daughter and the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter. Most familys are not that large anymore to see such a family extention. Cursed? on the contrary !!! Your child will grow up to be able to see deep into the spirit world and will, after going through life's hurdles, will end up helping many other people because of a compassionate nature. You don't have to believe this as many don't but the child is gifted. The reason for such unhappiness in your familys past is that there was no room made for the recognition of an enlightened nature in the chosen individual. Have you noticed anything different about the child as far as advanced maturity? You have something right in front of you that is hidden to the natural eye but not to the spiritual. Allow yourself to see it!!!!!! You will see it even greater in her advancing age. If this helps I am glad.