Thank you for letting me share! I learned by trial and error (many errors) how to raise the kids. My mother-in-law once said, "Once you get the hang of it and start doing it right, they're all grown up and you don't have kids to raise anymore!" That's probably why grandparents are so wise and wonderful. smile

One last piece of advice for young mother sanity and survival:

Forgive yourself for the not-so-great days. You are only human and learning a very tough lesson. Parenting is hard but in the process of molding a new little human being, you are developing into an amazing human youself. You are learning what unconditional love is all about and how to give it. Feel good about that. And don't forget to enjoy the process. If you missed the joy, you've missed it all. Every day won't be filled with joy, but most days should be!

Best wishes!

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