What I hear in many of these posts is women that were lied to for years in the form of you are ENTITLED to have it all, and have no one in your way to stop you. When a child comes into the picture with that kind of programing your natural programmed response is selfish, because you have been taught to believe you are entitled to every little spoiled thing you want. There is a great mark of our society!
IT's a set up, and no child should have to endure that. Maybe if our society stopped thinking they were so darned entitled to things like constant social engagement, fast cars, constant sexual gratification, free food, free health insurance, someone else to pay for their existence... It's really the same foul attitude from the upper class to those that sit on porche and refuse to work, same selfishness.

To have gone through life giving of ourselves in some fashion and form, rather than always catering to our own selfishness-is this not what we need to pass on to the next generation. We can pursue 'having it all' but the pursuit alone will tax us incredibly. Your legacy is not your career and some home movies of travel to Nepal. who will care in 100 years? It's people that found cures for disease, stood up for civil rights, and overall change the world. You guys are raising those people. If they come out warped because you are whining about not climbing Everest with your lover, then you have saddled society with yet another warped individual.
It's just a season, it doesn't last all that long. NOBODY likes snotty noses and diaper rash, but it doesn't last. Trust me. It's gone in a flash. NObody kicks in the magic gene upon childbirth and just LOVES it when their child gets the runs and throws up. That is a fallacy as well. Why do so many people buy into this nonsense?
I had my first when I was nearly 19, and I did it alone. Didn't marry the daddy and carried on myself. It was hard and it sucked for a while. Tomorrow she is 18. This year she did dual enrollment at community college while in high school, she is headed into management before she reaches corporate age for it. We struggled through illness, child molestation, snotty noses, bad friends, bad grades and good ones, and you name it!
I am a better person for the journey. You dont' have time to be selfish, and to have someone rely on you is a priviledge not a burden.
Roll up your sleeves and get over yourself. You can travel with child, expose them to cultures and make them well rounded members of society. Teach them many cultures, languages and how to be a decent human. Show them your skills, hobbies and interests and help them pursue their own. Do something worthwhile, nobody's office career is indelibly marked on their headstone. How many lonely hardened and bitter old child haters died with anyone who gave a [censored]? We make our way in this world by who we affected, who we touched, who we loved, and what bitterness we had that screwed it all up. I dont' want to come to the end of my days carrying that around.
That might all sound a bit rough around the edges, but it is a form of child abuse to hate your offspring simply because they crimped your style. We don't need more wounded people walking around. I was one and I will be damned before I go on ruining people like my father tried to do.

Orthodox homeschooling mom to 7, one with Rett Syndrome