Some people in marriage chose not to go through adoption because their partner does not want to give up the kids. Same thing with abortion-in-marriage. Some women have no idea how much they will struggle with motherhood until they are in it. Others have no idea how much they'll love it. Adoption is a choice, but if both parents are married, and one does not want to put the baby up, that leaves two essentially options: separation, or the mother-in-question decides to stay and try to make it work despite her personal feelings towards the whole "motherhood" bit. On here I can't say I've read any posts that have the tone of a woman being -proud!- she does not like her role of mother. This isn't one of those "i hate babies" topics; more it's "I don't enjoy motherhood, what do I do?" The majority of women here are looking for support, to find coping mechanisms that will help them fulfil their child's needs. For better or worse, the women here have chosen not to abandon their children, and I'd say the majority of them are looking for ways to make it work. Unplanned pregnancies happen, even on birth control (or -after!- a tubal ligation!). If a woman was not planning to have children -- or any more children -- and still gets pregnant despite taking precations (like tube-tying!), is it reasonable to expect two married partners to live together and not be intimate? Honestly?

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