To start with hang in there. I had to breastfeed my daughter for a year, every two hours like clock work also, because she refused any sort of bottle, nipples, pumped or powdered milk. It was a challenge, but two days after her first b-day i told her time to take the sippy cup, she did fine with that.
To this day my daughter still doesn�t sleep through the night she is 2 years old now, for a week or two she will finally sleep through and then comes back to the old routine, what i have discovered is she always seemed to have something to why she doesn�t sleep through, teeth,growing pains,ect. I�m exhausted but i have to hang in there also what else can we do, my friends all say it will get better but i�m still waiting also for that day. So take it from someone like yourself, we just have to HANG IN THERE.