Susannah and Asphalt Annie, What do you two suggest? Adoption I guess? I used to baby-sit a LOT growing up. I didn't always feel like it, and didn't always enjoy the children, but in those cases, I faked it. Why wouldn't I want to hide from a child that I wasn't having a good time? As far as they knew, I loved baby-sitting for them (and most of the time, I did). To say the kids adored me is an understatement. Maybe I'm just a really great actress? haha Anyway, I think it would be "much" better for these women AND the children if they "acted" happy, regardless of how they felt. I disagree that acting happy cures nothing. You should not use it to replace getting help, or discussing that there's a problem - of course not, but in the case of children, I think problems should be hidden from them. And, in the meantime, acting happy *can* help - studies have proven this. Google (smiling tricks the brain, happy) if you're interesting in studies/articles about this. **Fake it until you make it.** A motto I agree with. :)

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