It's hard for me to accept, but there must just be differences in people that result in some who enjoy children and some who do not. It's a shame some of us do not know this before we become parents. For me, watching children mature is interesting. To me, child development is pretty complex and not boring. Knowing there are people who regret being parents is so sad because it is too late for them to change their course. There is suffering for the parents and the children.

I was raised by someone who felt overwhelmed by parenting. She yelled constantly. I don't think she had a clue how important she was to us. We thought she hated us. It's a very burdensome way to grow up.

To LokiRav13, maybe you are just overloaded. I spent a few years working full-time, parenting, and being a wife. I worked in an executive position and tried to keep the homefront operating as well as the office did. For me, it became clear that the business I ran was just another "family," but it did not love me like my real family did. I finally decided to give up the job and focus on the family. I know not everyone can do this, but it is sometimes more feasible than people think. There are some built-in expenses that go with working. You might be able to switch to some part-time position and free up some time just for you. It really can be rough when your schedule is packed non-stop.

I hope somehow this "advice" helps, but I understand if you think I'm too different in my outlook for you to find this helpful.