hye jennyt..i really understang how u feel.i've a son who's gonna be 2 next month.he's a really active boy n he took all the time i had in the world. i don't go shopping anymore, no travelling, even a trip to the market is so impossible without help. i lost myself in this parenting world, and the best part is my husband doesn't n i hated him for it. he still goes clubbing, karaoke, staying out till late at night with his friends. he also has a girlfriend outside. i used to confront him regarding this n what i get is shouting n beating..my son really looked like my husband, so i used to hate my son a lot.n i'm the one supporting myself n my son as i make 3 times of his salary. i'm my husband's 2nd wife, n he got 3 kids with his other wife, a car to pay n his paying for 5 mobile lines.with my ever so active son, my difficult job,my unfaithful husband, sometimes i really feel like i need time out. just leave everything behind n start a new life. n i had 2 abortion 7 years ago n i regretted it now. my life sucks badly but the only thing that's a blessing in my life is my son.he's very active, but he's also the sweetest boy & i know that he loves me a lot.pls jenny, don't give your daughter away.think about how you'd feel if your mom gave u away.believe that all this sacrifices as a mom will paid off when she grows up.just be patient for few more years.she will be your best friend one day. i really do not want u to be as regretful as i am now when i think about the 2 abortions i made.