Kaybee, Thank you for that wonderful post! Heartless, judgmental, compassionless posts will not help these ladies - they'll just make them feel even more hopeless I would imagine. I believe in these women, as you do, and they absolutely deserve our compassion and support - not only for their sakes, but also for their children's sakes! I'm sure we all remember the saying, "If Momma aint happy, aint Nobody happy!!" haha Thanks for taking a stand along with me. :) Love your suggestions and wanted to highlight them and add a little as well. Anyone else, please feel free to add to this list!!!! I know there are lots of great ideas out there! :) * [u]Seek out Support[/u] (Mom's groups -- Meetup.com, Church (though, church women might be less "open" about the hardships of motherhood?), etc.) * [u]Techniques to calm a fussy baby[/u] (How about the Baby Whisperer Series and books by Dr. Williams Sears, who also has a great website with helpful articles) * [u]Book: "I'm OK You're a Brat[/u]" by Susan Jeffers (check out reviews at Amazon.com) * [u]Library[/u] -- Lots of helpful parenting books there!! Complete Idiots Guides/Dummies books usually get straight to the point. * [u]Maintain Your Health[/u] -- Proper Nutrition (lots of nutrient-rich plant foods), Sleep, Sunshine, Exercise, Relaxation. I would imagine it's a lot easier to be a happy mommy if you feel good and know you're in control of your health. Healthy food is very satisfying and easy once you learn the ropes. * [u]Get Organized[/u]! -- Flylady.net, etc. Idiots/Dummies books have several on these. Being organized will give you a feeling of being more in control and can even give a sense of euphoria. Make yourself a notebook with a daily routine and what has to be done each day to maintain order. * [u]Time with Friends/Family[/u] -- It's important to have your social support Group! That can be either a group of friends, just one or two close friends, etc. Some just need one good friend they can trust - it just depends. :) * [u]ME Time[/u] -- Spend some time for yourself whether it's socializing, working towards personal goals, hobbies, music, etc. Carve out "at least" 5 minutes a day to meditate, listen to relaxing music, etc. Okay.... better stop brainstorming for now before this list becomes Mt. Everest!!! Anyone else with ideas, please post!! :)

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