I am new here so here goes.... I found this site by googling "I hate being a mom" that looks so horrible when I read it. And it's not really that I hate being a mom, I just hate being a mom all of the time. I feel like a robot that never gets to recharge. I read most of the posts on this thread and I have to say I don't find any *hope* in JennyT's story. I don't find any difference in her first post to her last one. Her attitude seems the same to me, but she apparently has family support (husband and family) and enough money to hire a babysitter, nanny and pay for someone to watch her child while she and the hubby go on kid-free vacations. I don't have any support from my husband or family. I don't have enough money to hire a babysitter, certainly not a nanny and most certainly not to pay someone to keep my children while I go away by myself. And the suggestion that moms take care of yourself so you can take care of your kids....well no kidding, I would love to be able to do that. But I can't just "will" it to happen. You need other people to make that happen. Great for her but I don't even have that option. It is so depressing. I just know if I had some down time, if I could have one day a quarter, just 4 days a year scheduled to myself I know I would be a better mom, I would have something to look forward to and I would have that down time. There are some days when I am just so depressed and I hate myself for feeling that way, like I should not be wasting my time that way. I'm an adult woman living in a prison with no bars or locks. Oh, and the hubby, whenever I tell him I need a day by myself his response is always "you wanted them" and my response "yes and I still do, but I am not a robot, I need to recharge" at which point he stops talking and walks away. So, any advice for me? Please help