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On here I can't say I've read any posts that have the tone of a woman being -proud!- she does not like her role of mother. This isn't one of those "i hate babies" topics; more it's "I don't enjoy motherhood, what do I do?"

This is a very good point. The Moms on here are suffering. The whole title of this thread is "Need Support - I hate being a Mom". Women have been brought up knowing how they are supposed to feel about motherhood, and when those feelings wind up being drastically different - for whatever reason, society either blames them, shuns them, or ignores them. There is very little help for them.

I was thinking about the "it takes a village" thing, too. People are so mobile these days. Families don't grow up right next door to their parents and grandparents anymore (well, sometimes - but not as much as in the past). Many couples live clear across the continent from any family members. And we feel like we are imposing by asking neighbors or friends to help out. Even churches are not as helpful as they should be in many cases.

The biggest thing is to make it not so tabboo for women to seek help and support. For women not to be looked at as lepers when they don't automatically feel like "Mommy" right away.

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