Hey There, I know this is an old post, but I wanted to reply anyhow, because I experienced postpartum depression with the birth of my 2nd son. It took me a while to realize what I was dealing with, but did seek help when my husband insisted I did so. What a difference it made for me. I regret not seeking help sooner, as I feel I missed so much of the 1st year of his life. I have since had a daughter and was so scared I was going to go through the same thing. Fortunately, it did not happen again. I did however, read a great book, one that was given to me as a gift. Down Comes the Rain by Brooke Shields. Her story seems so similar to what you are saying. I think that every mom should read a book like this, whether it is that one or not, but to read someone else's personal experience can help you realize that you are NOT alone. There are others going through the same things. There is help. It will also help us to recognize what the symptoms are, so we are able to extend a helping hand, and help other moms who are going through what is a horrible black hole. P.P.D. makes you feel so alone and wrong. We know we aren't supposed to feel anything but love, and adoration for our little ones, and when we feel something different, we automatically feel isolated, and alone. That just perpetuates the cycle, and it becomes a downward spiral. There is hope and you can pull yourself out of it with medical help. If it is P.P.D., it is my experience, that all the counseling in the world will not help without medical intervention. Hope this helps at least one person!

Julie Svendsen
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