I don't know why they care but I have to admit that I have said the same thing, "Are you having another?" as though kids are like Lay's potato chips (you can't just eat one.) And I'm sorry for my insensitivity now.

You need lessons and a license before you drive a car but nothing is required before you marry and have kids. The thing about lessons is that they still wouldn't predict who will make a good parent and who would enjoy it versus who would not. Whe a kid is born, something biological happens in the brain and bonding kicks in. Not all the time, but most of the time.

No doubt, some people just don't have the nurturing gene. No big deal. There are plenty of other great genes to inherit.

But since you do have a child already, Jenny, I wonder if you've thought of the following:

1. This is your life and your child. You can raise her how you see fit. You make the rules. Who says you have to have a boring routine?
2. Routines are good for kids but sometimes, kids need to know that life is not that rigid. Plans change. Spontaneity and flexibility are good.
3. If you're bored, chances are that she's bored, too. Can you think up fun things to do with her? My kids had medical problems and life was tough, but it was never boring. Remember what it was like when you were a kid and let that inner child come out to play again.

Do you have your own personal interests? If you're fulfilled, your satisfaction will overflow into your relationships and into your parenting. What do you do with your new "me" time?

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