Rant away. Early motherhood is tough. Really tough. No matter how much you love your child, your young self still needs time and room to grow, too. Add on top of that being a wife and yikes.

I wish I were there to lend a hand...just through the rough spells. It so makes a difference when you have support from friends or family.

Be strong though because if you aren't, your child will become even more difficult to handle as she ages. Be firm, fair, loving and consistent.

Also, there is nothing wrong with taking time for yourself and/or your husband. Can you set up a co-op babysitter arrangement with people you can trust? Check into your local community programs. Some are free and/or cheap and they provide Head Start pre-school or babysitting programs.

It is not a luxury that you have time off; it is a necessity! Maybe older moms or moms who have done this before can handle the often suffocating feelings of being a 24-7 caretaker, but you are new to this and you're young. Time off is good for you and for the baby. You will come back refreshed and ready to be back for her.

I can help you from afar in some ways. I can tell you how to set up your day so that she will be easier to handle while learning and developing positively. There will be time for you, time for her, time for your hubby--with no guilt. I was a mom with three kids under the age of four, a stay-at-home mom with a husband who didn't help. One of my kids had a genetic disorder and only slept three hours at a time. I also was a teacher later in life.

Good luck!