I'm very glad the Dad is going to counseling with you.

Bi-polar can definitely get you into some bad situations. When you are on the high end - you take amazing risks because it seems like nothing in the world can harm you or like you have to cram living all into one day to make up for the time you lost to the days you spent in the black depression of the lows. (Can you tell I've been there? Still am at times)

I don't think it is selfish to recognize that you are not ready or prepared to deal with something.

I know there are many loving parents out there that do want children and can't have them - maybe this is God's way of evening things out.

I also want to say, as for my last post - I did not mean to imply that I was belittling what any of you feel. I was just hoping to offer some encouraging and comforting words. Because there are some of you that will continue on with motherhood, even though you hate it right now. Some of you will do it because you feel you have no choice or because of pressure from your families or for any number of reasons. And for those that do, it will be very hard - but it won't last forever. You just take it in stages.

One day the baby will sleep through the night.
One day the child will tell you what is wrong instead of just crying.
One day he will use the potty and diapers will go away.
One day he will walk and you won't have to carry him everywhere.
One day he will start Kindergarten and you will have about 6 hours of peace per day.
One day he will be 13 and you can leave him in the house alone while you go out to dinner and a movie.
One day he will be able to drive, and you won't be a chauffer anymore.
One day he will graduate high school and will officially be an adult.
And one day he will actually be an adult that lives on his own, and you will be able to look at him and knon that you helped to mold him into the person that he has become.

In other words, as in all things, "this too shall pass".

Please know ladies that I keep all of you in my prayers, that whatever is going to be best for you may work out. I do not judge any of you or think badly for any decisions you make.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor