Ok, I had a vacation, which was MUCH NEEDED. Now I don't hate being a mom anymore (at least for now). I think when we feel that need to run away, we really do need a break. I went on vacation WITH my kids, came back exhausted, but refreshed in the same sense. I needed downtime. If the men in our lives had the common sense to let us have the freedom necessary to breathe a sigh of relief without having to fight so hard for it, maybe women wouldn't hate the position we are pushed into. Why are women stuck in this work-all-the-time-because-noone-else-can-handle-it role? I don't want it. Do you? I doubt it. I always wished I could be the man of the house instead of the woman, but just in the role sense, not body. The man just seems to have it so much easier. Maybe we're just smarter. I don't know. Just babbling. I just thought I'd share that I don't feel so crazy anymore. I love my kids again and appreciate my life a little more than before.