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It comes down to love. I keep seeing the word "guilt" but isn't it more in effect, love? Not to sound corny or anything, but when one person puts aside their needs for another to me that amounts to love or a form of it anyway.

Having children isn't a fairy tale. So many things out there present the positive side of it, I think, in order to push whatever they're selling, be it an opinion, a book, product, etc.

I think people do "it" again, after they haven't felt fulfilled the first time around, because they feel they can either do it better or that a reality be it from a spouse, friends or family presents a different reality than what they've already experienced. There are great moments, but like anything, they don't last forever.

You really need to see or be in a position to feel the long run, to appreciate having children. There are just as many ups and downs and more so because you will be thinking in terms of both yourself and someone dependant on you. If you have other plans or an independance - like a need to fly or plans you have yet to see manifest, that gets in the way.

As most posters here have said, though, guilt...that translates to puting your needs aside for something you feel may be greater.


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