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Hi I just wanted to know if there are others who are like me so I don't feel alone here. Ever since I have my baby, I just felt so regreted of that decision. I love her as a person, but I hate being her mom. I felt like I missed out my life, my freedom. My life was perfect without her. My hubby and I were madly in love and we travel a lot. We still wanted to do so much adventure together, but now we are trapped in this parenting world. Anyway I know I have no way out but try to be a good mom. But talking to someone who understand would really help.

p.s., we've gone through some conceling but doesn't help. Because basically we just made a big mistake..

I am so sorry for how you are feeling but Paula is right it will grow on you... I dont have any children and never will for the same reasons you specified and believe me I so feel for you being in this position.It would not be easy but now you have a child and as much as you would like to you cant take it back.

Look at the positives and there are many of them.Join some support groups and make sure you get time away from her so you can have some special times for you and your husband. Although you made a mistake in having her everything happens for a reason.

Try to be strong...It will get easier.