I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like this. I get so tired of hearing: "it's just post-partum," or "you're a horrible person and you should be greatful you have two healthy children." Rrrgh! I could go on a long tangent about my story, but mostly it would just be echoing what everyone else here said. I just get tired of hearing that my lack of maternal feelings towards my children is "unnatural" and "sick." I've never been a "baby" person. I think kids are fun when they're walking, talking, toilet-trained, and old enough to interact with on a meaningful level. Kindergarten age. The whole baby-stage is something I wish I could just fast-forward through. I look forward to when I can take my kids places and they'll be old enough to enjoy it and remember it. The "baby" stage feels like it lasts an eternity. I find it so tedious and unrewarding. I will however add that I'm glad I got both kids out of the way now rather than later. They were both mistakes, but my husband was ecstatic, and I know it wouldn't have gotten any more enjoyable for me if I'd waited. At least when I ship 'em off to college I'll still be young enough to get on with my life.

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