Unfortunately, all you can do is suck it up and be the best person you can be. And there is joy in it, there really is. These creatures become little people and so very interesting over time! But yes, the men get off easy. A Daddy who plays with his kids once a week or makes them dinner every so often is a hero! If you are the mother, it is just expected of you. One time my ex took the kids to a school event (I stayed home sick) and everyone just ooed and ahhed over what a 'great' dad he was! Sheesh. If I take them anywhere it's just normal. See the scales are really unbalanced. We are expected to give up our normal lives while men continue to live theirs with relatively few changes. Our bodies and minds and lives change in a flash while men....not so much. It is hard for them to understand us, therefore. I am not bitter but I am sick of the drivel and pap being fed to women since birth that motherhood is the be all and end of all of our existance. I quite frankly would have been fine not having kids and the childfree women I know (and they are all in their 40's and 50's) sure aren't 'regretting' anything. Please. They are enjoying successful careers, socking their money away and preparing for a lovely retirement while I have to worry about each and every dollar. I am SICK of society's skewing the facts about motherhood!