Most of the time, my daughter is an easy and understanding baby. But still, at times, I just can't control myself when she asked again and again some "unreasonble" requests. For example, she needs me to sleep beside her till she goes to sleep. I can't do that, because doing that means my only free time after she goes to sleep is gone. I am training her to sleep by herself, of course after hugs and kisses. But every night she keeps saying the same thing, sleep here, sleep here. I know for those of you who have strong mother instinct or who do not have children think I am a bad mother. It is a small request, yea sure it is cute at first, and I can do it once, twice. But I can't do it every day. But one thing about kids, even for those easy, good kids, there is no such thing of flexibility. You do something they like once, they will ask again, again and again. For example sometimes I wanted to bring her in my bed so we snuggle together. But I know once I do it, every night she will request to sleep with me.. It is hard. Because that is not how I want to be a mom. Being a mom, I have to do more yieling, screaming, disciplining, feeling guilty and all.

I am not a perfect mom, but I am a ok-good mom (working on the yieling part). I did my best. I am telling myself not to feel guilty..