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Hi I just wanted to know if there are others who are like me so I don't feel alone here. Ever since I have my baby, I just felt so regreted of that decision. I love her as a person, but I hate being her mom.

Jenny -

Do get checked for postpartum depression, it can certainly cause exactly the feelings you have! On the other hand, it is perfectly normal to dislike being a mom as long as you also have times when you like or love being a mom. Becoming a mom is a transition and it's normal to have mixed feelings about any transition. Do you have different feelings about the though of parenting your daughter at different ages? For instance, being her mom as a toddler or elementary school age? I decided not to bear children because I don't have any of the enjoyment that most people seem to get from babies. I'm great with babies, but I don't particularly enjoy them - toddlers on up is a whole other story (except for teenagers, their job is to be obnoxious most of the time.) My now-ex-husband's kids lived with us full time from elementary school through high school, the youngest stayed with me for a few months after her dad moved out because it was the best place for her. Sometimes I loved being a full-time parent, sometimes I hated it. If you really and truly believe that you are just not cut out for parenting, then maybe you should give your daughter up for adoption. It's a serious and extreme decision, but if your feelings are that strong, it might be the best thing you can do for your daughter.

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