I am a little disturbed by some of the 'lecturing' that has gone on in this thread recently. Believe me, women who don't love motherhood feel horribly guilty every single day. Do we really need the 'Bed.Made.Lie' comments? How about some helpful advice like seeking out support, joining Mom's groups, using techniques that help calm and soothe a fussy baby? I think a lot of moms are just in shock at how hard raising kids can be. Nobody prepares them.They're fed a lot of myths about raising kids and then reality sets in. The husband or boyfriend pretty much keeps the same life he had while you become the household drudge. Face it, it's not a lot of fun sometimes. It does NOT mean we don't love our kids. It's a different thing to love your kids vs. loving parenthood. I found a great book by Susan Jeffers called 'I'm OK You're a Brat' which blows up a lot of myths about motherhood. I strongly suggest it for anyone who's struggling. Someone suggested it to ME and God bless them! It helped me feel so much better. For the ones who think we're disgusting people because we mourn some of the things we've lost, I can only hope you are in a position of helplessness and frustration someday and can realize how important COMPASSION really is.