[quote=DifferentKindofGirl]Sally, I agree that adoption is a good thing for a mom who's not ready. I think a lot of moms don't realize how hard it's really going to be though, and by that time, the thought of giving up their child would be too hard. Many of these moms, though they don't enjoy being a mom, "do" love their kids. I can't imagine how hard it would be for a parent to consider giving up a 2 or 3 year old - or older. If they feel no love for their child though, I agree that adoption would be a good choice - though ti would be very hard, for many different reasons. And again, I stand by my position that abortion is "not" an option for many women - whether it's available to them or not. [/quote] Well if their beliefs are so dead set against abortion that they force themselves to bear an unwanted child then it becomes a case of Bed. Made. Lie. At that juncture there is no point is publicly complaining about how much you loathe motherhood or dislike your kid. It is what they chose for their lives through their own actions or inaction. Instead of complaining online perhaps some time spent in counseling or parenting classes would be a better of of their time. They are going to be mother to these children until the day they die, they better learn how to deal with it.