Susannah, I completely agree that these women should *never* purposely let their children know they are unwanted. Of course, this is impossible 100% of the time for any women I would imagine, even for those who love being a mom, as being a mother will "always" have frustrations from time to time, and children will see this and possibly misinterpret. It's just a part of life. For these moms that are unhappy though in general about being a mom, I believe they should "fake" being happy around their children and make the best of their lives. You are right, they must deal with the choices they've made. It's not all about them anymore, they now have a new, precious life to think of that deserves to be loved and cared for. However, my heart still goes out to these ladies, and I think they need compassion and encouragement - but your words ring true as well. Adults must deal with and be responsible for the choices they make - especially when those choices affect others.