I am not a Mom so I probably should not even be on this site but I do have to say that at times, even though I was a fairly good dad I sometimes hated being one. I believe that it is normal to realize that being a parent is not easy and that children can be obnoxious unless they are taught to do what is expected of them just like we had to learn. Don't get me wrong here because I love my kids but I have always found it interesting in this culture how we view little babies. It seems like we coo and caw, make faces to, adore, and at times let a croud gather around the child in such admiration. Please tell me at what age do we go from adorable to ignorable. We love to dote over these little ones but what about us? Are we as older people not worth the time? Bear with me here please. I am not crying in my beer because I am getting older, I am just observing a trend. Mom and I knew that at times we lived vicariously through the admiration given our kids as many do today. Somehow it made us feel better but what does it speak of a culture that adores youth and pushes aside the aged. We were all babies once. What I do not understand is why can't all ages be respected and revered. Kids need extra attention and love at times to learn what they need, I understand that. I have, however, every sympathy for parents as they face a very unknown future so I believe that it is time to honor all ages, one is not better than the other, and no more deserving than the other.

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