I just wanted to share my story too --

I hate being a mom. My daughter is 3 and we have another on the way. I'm actually due any day now and the thought of doing it all over again is pretty unnerving.

I LOVE my daughter, I think she is the most fantastic person in the world. I also have always really loved kids, but I just hate my life as a mom. Like some of you have said, it's boring and pretty miserable. I got pregnant unexpectedly when I was 20 and didn't get any support towards having an abortion. I don't really know if I would change my decision. I love my daughter dearly. I resent both my husband and I for being so stupid though, and even now as we planned to get pregnant again so that our daughter would have a sibling, I feel like I've made the wrong decision for me ... but the right one for our family. It's hard to feel such conflicting emotions all the time.

I truly feel invisible as a mom, I feel unimportant as an individual. My husband has been extremely successful personally and I have just sat on the sidelines cleaning the house. I know there must be some kind of balance to this life, but I just can't seem to find it. I hate all the stereotypes of moms, I hate being a "mom". I hate feeling like all the people in my life encouraged and pressured me into having a family when I tried to get support from them, and told them I didn't want to. I wish I was a stronger person and would have made better decisions for MYSELF.