Hello, I felt a need to get my thoughts out there about being a mom to see if I was the only one. The major words that would come to mind is " I hate being a mom. For me, I have two children ages 5 and 3. So, it has been a major roller coaster ride with my emotions in reference to being a mom. I first thought how could I have made the decision of being a mom it just was never something I planned to be in my life it is just to much responsibility what if I cant provide ? to much decisions that i dont want to do ....I would have been perfectly happy with just me and my husband and my career and what ever else i chose to do. But like I have read here its too late for the what if's. My point though for writing here is that now after 5 years why do i still not feel happy about it or have found a balance of some sort? Most days I just deal with the day to day because I have to but never feel truly happy. parenting is not fun damn it......it sucks..the people who do enjoy it power to all of you I just dont see it and who knows how long it will take or if it ever does.