Oh yeah life with kids is very boring. And no, they are NOT bored at all!!! They love the pet shop, museums, pool, hunting for things in the woods. Believe me they are always busy. But it's hard and you always have to keep an eye on them. Hey JennyT, I appreciate you continuing to post. I've followed this thread for a long time and just now decided to join and start posting. I think a number of women are just not cut out for motherhood, yet we are always told how wrong we are....we must just not be doing it the right way....etc etc. You know what, you're entitled to not enjoy motherhood. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my babies but man, it's not what you think it's going to be. My kids are happy and that means the world to me but it was very important to me to get back to work because I need that kind of stimulation. Being a SAHM SUCKED!!!!! I don't know how any sane person can do it. I don't think adoption is the answer. You are obviously her mom and making the best of it. It will probably be easier as she gets more independent and you got lucky and have a pretty easy kid, from the sounds of things. Hang in there, JennyT and keep posting.You help the rest of us not feel so alone.