Hello. Wow. this is such an interesting forum. I got pregant when I was 20 years old and married my childs father. Now, that was 26 years ago and that was kind of expected at that time, to marry him. We're still together and that amazes some people. I didn't expect to be a GOOD mom. What is that anyway? I didn't know that my whole life would surround my son. What you have to keep in mind is that that's your choice. Brandon and I did a lot together from basketball, to bike racing and karate. It was amazing. He's now 26 and married and as much as he has been a pain in the butt over the years I wish he would call more. We also have a nine year old. Yes, I said nine. Man plans and God laughs! He's an amazing child even though he's annoying at times. Yes. I yell, rant and rave. I also hug , listen and take him to school. I work full time at a doctors office and I can really get stressed out. When I get home(My husband picks him up from school) sometimes I just want to be left alone and cameron is at the door asking if he coukld do this or watch that. FRUSTRATING!! My hobby is scrapbooking and photgraphy. When I look at the crazy photos I take of my family and realize what was going on at the time, well it just seems worth it all. Try to remember what I said..Man plans and God laughs. You can choose to laugh with Him and enjoy life making it what you can or not and leave life as it is.