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Hi, I have to say I can't believe after 3 years, this post is still on the top of the forum. If possible, I really wanted to help organize a service to consel people who plan to have kids. I think all of us can offer great service to those people to let them make a more informative decision.

JennyT, I think this was a wonderful thread that you started. It let so many other women know that they are not alone in their feelings. I know in dealing with my Depression (not over my children, just Depression in general) it helped so much having other people to talk to that knew exactly what I was talking about!

You mention wanting to start a service to counsel people; have you ever thought about getting a counseling degree and then maybe going to work at an adoption agancy or a planned parenthood agency? Or, even better - start your own practice and cater to Moms just like yourself who feel they are in the wrong place. That would be an amazing way to turn what has been a fairly traumatic experience for you to some good. You can't change your past, but you might be able to affect someone else's future.

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