Jennyt, I understand you completely. My daughter is 7. I hate being a mother. My life was over the day I found out I was pregnant. I think what really makes it hard for me is that my mother passed away from brain cancer when I was 2 months pregnant. My family is very small & they r up in age. My husband was military up until last March. So of course I had to move away from my family & his. So we have never had a wkend child free vacation. She has only been away from me for 2 wks out of 7 yrs and that was because I had to go away for training for a job for 2 wks. It makes me so mad when I hear my friends talk about how their children will be with their granparent or dad for spring break or every other wkend. I so want a little vacation once a month. I think my husband is blind to the fact that I need a good break. I don't wont another child because of this. They have drop in daycares here where I live. You can drop your child off for only 4 hrs. I try to use that as often as possible. Some might think that is being mean or "selfish" as my husband calls me. I don't care, if this is the only time I get a breather than I'm going to take it. I hate all holidays & teacher workdays because I know school will be closed. So I'm glad I found this website to help me vent because I have nobody else to talk to and they would just say you're being mean and she didn't ask to be here. Which that is true she didn't ask to be here that's why I'm not having anymore.