First off, know that you are not alone.

My Depression started after the birth of my first child. This is very common, because having a baby drastically changes the way hormones and chemicals are distributed by your body.

Has your doctor mentioned doing a thyroid test on you?

You mention weight gain and the inability to take it off. While this CAN be blamed on pregnancy, it can also be blamed on thyroid problems. Thyroid problems can also cause depression issues.

Also, instead of just adding medications - have you and your doctor talked about switching meds? Prozac can be notorious for "wearing off", or your body getting used to it. By switching to a different med, you might have better results. There are TONS of meds ot there now.

Seeing a therapist is definitely a good thing. You need to talk about this stuff. Writing on here is another way to get your emotions out. You might also consider journaling. Just writing oiut your thoughts (as incoherent as they may seem at times) is very cathartic.

Michelle Taylor
Marriage Editor