this stry saddens me and angers me too.. there are so many messed up kids in this world and people wonder why!!!! It is because instead of the parents doing the right thing and doing what is best for the child/children they just continue to screw up their lives. I know that sounds harsh and I apologize for that but it is the truth. Adoption would be the best thing for that little girl. Let her have a goood life There are women in prison who didn' want their kids so they got rid of them. That isn't fair either. It isn't the kids fault so give them the life they deserve. Do your part as a parent and let them be free of the pain that you cause on a daily basis. I Have foster Kids in my home that I love dearly and I can't help but feel angry towards their parents that have treated them them so badly. One little girl I have is only 3 yrs old and would rather sit in a corner then to eat with us at the table. Why you ask because that is where she was made to sit all day everyday.. I hope that she is adopted someday by loving parents that will show her nothing but love, but unil that day My family shows her everyday that she is loved and noone will hurt her again. So that is why I can't help but be a bit anger it is because of PPle that are selfish and just plain ignorant.